The Philosophy of Anakin Skywalker Explored in Cool STAR WARS Video

At the root of Anakin Skywalker, there is fear. That's what this video says anyway as they take all six Star Wars films and explore what transformed the character throughout the course of the series. Wisecrack does a good job of sourcing and providing explanation so it doesn't sound like he's just talking out of his ass, but I still disagree a bit.

I always thought Anakin felt thrust into a role that wasn't what he wanted in life. Sure he wanted out of Tatooine, but he very clearly didn't want a life of celibacy in the Jedi order. Having the pressure of "destroying the Sith" thrust upon you from such a young age has to weigh on you as well! 

Just my two cents, and really not too fleshed out. This video will give you more to think about!

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