The Predator Targets NFL Star Terrell Owens in Amusing "Pred-assure" Deodorant Ad

Shane Black’s The Predator may have disappointed a lot of fans, but it sure has spawned some fun and amusing viral marketing videos! There was a stop-motion animated short called The Predator Holiday Special, an Easter egg involving the original Predator test costume for Jean-Claude Van Damme has gone viral, and now there’s a new fake commercial for “Pred-assure” deodorant.

In the commercial, NFL star Terrell Owens is shooting the commercial, which markets the deodorant as controlling your body heat so well that even a Predator wouldn’t be about to find you with its heat vision. Owens thinks the whole thing is ridiculous, and while he argues with the director about whether the Predator movies are real or fiction, a Predator targets him.

As you might imagine thing get a little crazy from there. Check it out!

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