THE PUGILIST Introduces a Brawling Class to D&D That May Be an OP Monk

The Monk is one of my favorite classes in Dungeons & Dragons. It lets you hit enemies with your favorite weapon and then you get to punch them in the face. If you’re like me, you can even become Tien from Dragon Ball with the Way of the Sun Soul which gives you the ability to fire ki blasts.

I freaking love my monk. Well, some people have taken the Monk and decided that instead of being dexterous, they wanted more brute force involved. Benjamin Huffman has created the unofficial Pugilist class which does just that.

As you look over the class, you’ll see that it is extremely similar to monks, but instead of a focus on Wisdom and Dexterity, the focus is more on Strength and Constitution. Pugilists get pugilist weapons for laying the smackdown before punching their foes with stronger punches than a monk. The Pugilist even has Moxie Points which are renamed Ki Points from the Monk class.

I’ll be completely honest. I like the idea of a more brawler-type character like the Pugilist. However, I do wonder if this is overpowered and too similar to the Monk. What do you think though?

You can pick up The Pugilist at DMs Guild for $2.95.

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