THE PUNISHER Season 2 May Adapt Garth Ennis' "The Slavers" Story Arc


Marvel is currently prepping up for production on The Punisher Season 2 and thanks to some recently revealed character breakdowns, it looks like we might know what the story will entail. The information in those character breakdowns points to the second season possibly adapting Garth Ennis' acclaimed "The Slavers" story arc from the comic book in the mid-2000s.

In a recent report from That Hashtag Show, Marvel is looking for two actor to take on the role of a couple of characters who will be series regulars. Those characters are Annie Bier and Kim Davis. 

For Annie, they want to cast an 18-year-old female to play a 16-year-old and the character is described as, "someone who is used to the streets and is both scrappy and aware of her environment." As for Kim, they want and actress in her mid-30s of any ethnicity and she will be a therapist.

The site believes that these two characters point at Season 2 adapting "The Slavers" storyline, and this is the explanation they provided:

ANNIE BEIR, the street-smart scrapper, could be an analog to Viorica, the young girl whose life Castle saved and whose story led him to discover the sex slave ring run by Vera Konstantin and Cristu Bulat. In that story, Castle enlisted the help of a social worker, Jen Cooke, who had worked with Viorica, to learn about the slavers and take them down. In this case, KIM DAVIS could be the Jen Cooke of the story.

The report goes on to say that they might also be looking to cast Detective Martin Soap, who is a character first introduced in Ennis' "Welcome Back, Frank" story arc. He was a member of the Punisher Task Force. They say:

We’re told that a casting search is underway for a male of any ethnicity in his early 30s to play an honest detective by the name of MELVIN SKELLING. While this may be a new character created for the show, it could just as easily be Soap, 

"The Slavers" is a crazy intense story and I hope that this is the story that Season 2 will tell. We'll just have to wait and see how all of this all plays out. Here's a plot summary for the arc: 

The Punisher is about to murder a gangster when woman opens fire on him wounding him. The Woman is forced to retreat into an alley that turns out to be a dead end. The Punisher kills the gangster he was their to murder and follows the woman and the men chasing her into the alley. Frank Castle kills the men and is about to leave when the woman begging for his help screams they killed her baby. Frank takes her back to his base where she passed out following him and listens to her story. The woman named Viorica tells Frank that she was forced into prostitution and kept by slavers living in New York City and that after she escaped they tried to track her down and murdered her child. The Punisher then turns all of his attention to the forced prostitution ring and sets out to destroy it.

Would you want to see this story adapted for the next season of The Punisher?

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