THE ROCKETEER Gets an Eye-Popping Mondo Poster

The Rocketeer is one of my personal favorite movies of all time, and I always love seeing fan art for the movie all these years after it was released. That excitement is jacked up even more when the art is as high quality as these great Kevin Tong prints from Mondo, which show Cliff Secord in full costume flying in the foreground with the flaming zeppelin falling away in the background. My only gripe — and it's a super tiny one — is that the jet pack he's wearing here looks more like the vacuum cleaner from the movie instead of the actual double-barreled rocket pack. (For a look at the real prop from the movie, check out my photos from the film's 20th anniversary event.)

Check out Mondo's website for more information, and Tong says the variant is available at Comic-Con if you happen to be in San Diego and want to get your hands on this awesome piece of work. What do you think about these? I actually dig the brown and tan color scheme of the variant more than the original.

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