THE ROOM's Tommy Wiseau Has Made a Shark Attack Movie Called BIG SHARK and a Teaser Has Leaked

Tommy Wiseau is best known for writing, directing, and starring in the classic film The Room, which has become infamous for being so terrible. The movie is so legendary that James Franco made a great movie based on the making of The Room called The Disaster Artist.

Well, it looks like Wiseau is making a new movie, and it looks as wonderfully bad as you might imagine. It’s a shark attack movie called Big Shark and it could be gloriously worse than the Sharknado movies. A bootleg of the teaser, which was shared by Wiseau at the Prince Charles Theatre over the weekend, has found its way online and it’s sure to make you laugh.

The news of this film broke thanks to the German website Film Futter, but thanks to Bloody Disgusting, and a translation, we have additional info on the film.

Big Shark is about a shark that terrorizes New Orleans and Wiseau will direct and star in the movie. He will be joined by Greg Sestero, Wiseau’s long time friend and collaborator who is best known for playing Mark in The Room. The report added:

“It was the first time the teaser has been publicly shown. Wiseau explained during the Q&A that the film is set in New Orleans and he was inspired by his time there to give something back to the city. So he decided to make Big Shark and set it there. Sestero added that the film is about three firefighters trying to save the world (presumably from a big shark). It also sounds like the film hasn’t been shot yet and that was a promotional teaser, possibly to find financing and drum up early hype. It seems like everything is in place, though. The plan is to shoot the film this year and premiere it at the Prince Charles Cinema this September already.”

Watch the teaser trailer for Big Shark and tell us what you think!

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