The Russians Have Professional Medieval MMA

Imagine yourself at your local park LARPing. You're dropping fools like there's no tomorrow. You're a destructive force of nature. You. Are. The. Man. In the midst of your rampage, you spot a balding man with a glass eye in a track suit smoking a cigarette. He approaches you after the carnage and says, "Pretty good, American...but can you hang with Ruski?"

Next thing you know, you're on a plane on your way to the M-1 MMA Medieval fighting circuit. Here men compete for glory with full armor, swords, and metal gloves. It sounds crazy, but Americans such as Mike Ivey are competing in it right now!

Three three-minute rounds with points based on knockdowns, hits, and blocks. Of course, you can't straight up execute a dude in the ring, but it can get pretty brutal in moments! The league is rolling up on its one year anniversary, and in 2016 they plan on coming stateside for some events! Keep up with them by liking their page on Facebook!

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