The Russo Bros. Announce Film Projects for GRIMJACK and BATTLE OF THE PLANETS


During director Joe and Anthony Russo’s Hall H panel today they announced two new film projects they are developing based on existing properties. The are producing a live-action adaptation of the comic book GrimJack, and they are also producing and possibly directing a live-action adaptation of the classic animated series Battle of the Planets!

They were huge fans of these properties growing up, and they joked that they are looking at buying all of the IP’s for their favorite things as kids so that they can bring them back for fans and new audiences.

For those of you not familiar with these properties here are some details.


This comic book character was created in 1983 by John Ostrander, Timothy Truman, and artist Lenin Delsol for First Comics / IDW Publishing.

Grimjack is the street name of John Gaunt, a sword-for-hire, ex-paramilitary, war veteran and former child gladiator. He operates from Munden's Bar in the Pit, a slum area of Cynosure, a pan-dimensional city to which all dimensions connect.


This is an American adaptation of the 1972 Japanese anime series Science Ninja Team Gatchaman. The series featured a team of five young people known as G-Force, consisting of Mark, Jason, Princess, Keyop, and Tiny. G-Force protects Earth from the planet Spectra and other attacks from beyond space. The most prominent field commander of the Spectra forces was a villainous, masked individual known as Zoltar.

This is the intro to the animated series:

These are going to be awesome projects for the Russo Bros. to take on and I’m excited to see what their plans are for them as they bring them to life in movie form! I can’t help but think that they’re going to be awesome!

What do you think about the Russo’s adapting these two properties for the big screen?

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