The Russo Bros. Are Confident That Deadpool and the X-Men Will Appear in the MCU

The future of the MCU is still a little foggy. We know about several films currently in development, like The Eternals, Black Widow, Spider-Man: Far From Home, Black Panther 2, and most recently, Shang-Chi. These are just a few of the many that Marvel Studios is looking to make. But things are going to take a big turn when the X-Men, Deadpool, and the Fantastic Four enter the picture.

Marvel hasn’t announced any definitive plans yet for these characters, but fans assume they will eventually make their way into the MCU. It’d be ridiculous if they didn’t utilize them! During a recent appearance Business Insider’s IGNITION Conference, Joe and Anthony Russo were asked if they felt characters like the X-Men and Deadpool could join the MCU and Joe Russo replied:

"I'm sure of it. I'm certain, with [president of Marvel Studios] Kevin Feige, who also has been on an historic run in the business, that he is going to incorporate those characters under the large Marvel umbrella."

The filmmakers go on to say that they have not talked to Feige about his plans for these character, but they certainly have faith in his vision:

"We haven't spoken to him [Feige] specifically about when he's going to do it, but I'm certain that that acquisition created great value in dimensionalizing Marvel and the stories that they can tell going forward.”

We have no idea when these characters will make their way into the MCU for sure, but lots of fans think that Avengers 4 is going to pave the way for a multiverse. That seems to makes the best sense, but who knows! Maybe Marvel will do something completely different and unexpected. I just can’t wait to see Deadpool play with all of these characters in the MCU!

They go on to praise Disney CEO Bob Iger, saying:

"What he has done for Disney over the last 15 years, I don't know that anyone's ever done anything at the scale that he's done it and with the batting percentage that he's done it with. So I think the acquisition of Fox is showing us where the future of the business is going to go. Everything's conglomerating."

It’s going to be really interesting and exciting to see how this all plays out once Marvel gets back the rights to the X-Men, Deadpool, and Fantastic Four. One thing is for sure… the future of Marvel is bright, and it’s not going go away anytime soon. I think these comic book films are here to stay.

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