The Russo Bros. Discuss The Heavy Ending of INFINITY WAR and The Stakes Will Deepen in AVENGERS 4


I think this goes without saying due to the title of this article, but spoilers are coming.


Who else was blown away by the end of Avengers: Infinity War? From the sudden fading of many favorite superheroes to the dramatic and very sad end to Peter Parker, it was a crazy ending. I am sure many of you are sitting there complaining about how we know everyone who vanished will be brought back somehow and therefore the gravity of the situation was lessened, let’s remember there’s another movie that is a continuation. If this movie taught me anything, it is that Marvel will surprise me, and I love it. I love how everyone was wrong about who was going to die, including me. That being said, what do the directors, Anthony Russo and Joe Russo, have to say about that ending? In a recent interview with Variety, the Russo brothers talked about the need to make these superhumans vulnerable so that the audience can relate to them and Anthony goes on to say:

Unless you have real stakes, you’re sort of limited in terms of the emotional impact a story can have on you. You have to go to very difficult places for the stakes to feel real, for the characters to feel like they have something to lose, for the audience to feel like they have something at risk. What we’re looking for in storytelling or art is emotional catharsis. And that’s not simply getting what you want. It’s getting an emotional experience that makes you feel and respond to it and energizes you on some level.

I know many are going to bring up the point from earlier about the dead heroes coming back due to contracts and announced sequels. Not to mention, there’s no way Marvel would kill off Black Panther after his solo movie did so well. However, I think the statements that come next may help calm you down. Anthony starts saying:

I will say this: There is a real commitment on our end to the stakes. Yes, this is a fantasy world, and yes, remarkable things can happen in a fantasy world, but-

Joe then finishes the thought:

They come at an incredibly high cost. For us, there will always be stakes and the stakes have been progressing from film to film. And I think you can extrapolate that they will continue to deepen in ‘Avengers 4.’

I think that’s the key. What will be the cost of bringing those heroes back? Will Tony or Steve (or both) have to trade their life for their fallen friends? Tony feels personally responsible for the loss of Peter and is sure to do something reckless. However, did Doctor Strange hint at Tony being the key to defeating Thanos when he gave up the Time Stone to spare Tony? It’s hard to say, but I’m sure the stakes are going to get bigger. After all, that’s the pattern the Russo’s have established. In Winter Soldier, the stakes were S.H.I.E.L.D., in Civil War they were the Avengers and the relationship between Tony and Steve, in Infinity War we had at least 2 permanent deaths (Heimdall and Loki) with at least one more real possibility (Gamora). Why not ramp it up even further in Avengers 4 next year?

Avengers: Infinity War is out now and Avengers 4 is set to release May 3, 2019.

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