The Russo Bros. Say They Will "Get To SECRET WARS One Day"

Kevin Feige recently revealed that Marvel Studios has a five year plan in place for the fourth phase of the MCU. We know a fews films that will be included in that line-up, but not all of them. One thing was made clear, though, and that is that the X-Men will not appear in the MCU for at least five years.

During a recent interview with with Avengers: Endgame directors Joe and Anthony Russo, they were asked if there was any time to include any tease of the X-Men or Fantastic Four in their upcoming film. For those of you hoping for that, don’t hold your breathe. Joe told CBM:

"It would not have been. That deal didn't actually officially close until a week and a half ago. It would not have been logistically possible."

But Anthony was quick to add, “We’ll get there,” and they seem determined to bring Marvel’s Secret Wars story arc to the big screen one day. Joe added:

"We'll get to Secret Wars one day."

We have no idea when or if Marvel Studios will get around to making a Secret Wars movie, but they’d be crazy if they didn’t do it at some point!

Secret Wars was Marvel’s first big crossover event series, and it made its debut in 1984. The title was used again for a series in 2015. The Russos previously talked about Secret Wars before the Disney and Fox deal closed, saying that it was a story that they were very much interested in bring to life. This was a story that they were fond of it when they were kids. They explained:

“Hopefully, they’re about to get their hands on a few of [Fox's Marvel characters]. Listen, my second favorite character growing up, and one of my prized possessions in my comic book collection is Incredible Hulk #181, which of course is the first appearance of Wolverine. I feel like the mission of the Marvel Universe is to keep expanding and surprising people. Surprise them with casting choices, surprise them with story choices. If we’re moving into this world of crossover events, certainly that affords opportunity for other large-scale stories from the books like Secret Wars — which was another favorite comic of mine as a kid. There’s big potential moving forward if the Fox/Disney deal closes.”

The Secret Wars story centered on Marvel’s greatest heroes and villains being transported to Battleworld thanks to a powerful being known as the Beyonder. It’s on Battleworld where the heroes and villains could decide once and for all whether good or evil was the greater force.

The most recent Secret Wars comic saw a new Battleworld that was created out of remnants of several alternate reality timelines in the Marvel Comics multiverse. This seems like it might be the best route for the MCU if the events of Avengers: Endgame ends up leading to a multiverse, which is what a lot of fans are speculating.

What would you like to see in a big screen adaptation of Secret Wars? Would you like to see the Russo Bros. eventually take it on?

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