The Russos Regret One Thing About INFINITY WAR and ENDGAME

Anthony and Joe Russo shot Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame back-to-back. Fans were driven insane before the release of Infinity War as they tried to figure out which set photos were for each film. Then, you add in the pressure of trying to figure out which photos were going to be part of real scenes and which ones were just to further shroud the films in mystery.

In a recent interview with CinemaBlend, the Russo brothers revealed that they slightly regret shooting the films back-to-back:

We wouldn’t shoot them back-to-back.

I think the challenge for all of us was finding the balance between the two films. Because each film is so complex on its own that sometimes considering both of them was a bit overwhelming. So we looked for opportunities in the process to separate the two so that our brains could be fully focused on the narrative. While the films have a connection, as the Marvel films do, they are distinct stories.

The Russos weren’t the only ones who struggled with the task of juggling two films at once. Dan DeLeeuw, a Visual Effects Supervisor for Infinity War added:

It was interesting because you’re full in post while you’re still shooting the first movie. And then it’s… your brain’s split. Usually you can hold a movie in your head. But now you’re having to hold two movies in your head. And it’s just kind of this schizophrenia thing that starts happening every once in a while.

Fans will be able to determine if the back-to-back shooting was a smart move or not when Endgame releases to theaters on April 26.

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