THE SCHOLAR CLASS Introduces an Interesting Fan-Made Class for D&D but it May Be OP

THE SCHOLAR CLASS Introduces an Interesting Fan-Made Class for D&D but it May Be OP-social.jpg

Benjamin Huffman has made a new unofficial class for Dungeons & Dragons players who like to have Ph. Ds. The Scholar Class introduces a new class that anyone who has talked to someone working on their doctorate will already be too familiar with as the Academic Discourse feature means the character can use really big words to convey a message that confuses and bores non-scholars.

I am actually genuinely intrigued by this class. Scholars aren’t prone to adventure which can lead to some potentially amazing story moments. Also, the Sage Advice feature allows you to use your high intellect to help your allies perform better in combat and on ability checks. The Scholar probably won’t be at the forefront of the battle (their Hit Die is 1d6), but there are some cool options from their Fields of Study.

The biggest problem I have after looking through the class is how overpowered the Physician Field of Study seems. At third level, a Physician Scholar can use a bonus action to heal a creature for an amount equal to the creature’s hit die + their CON modifier + the Physician’s INT modifier. That’s a lot of healing, especially for a bonus action. Also, if your Scholar is a Physician, at level two you can pick up the Heal Thyself Erudite Application which lets you heal yourself from the poisoned condition or a disease. If you do that, you also heal yourself by 3d6 + your Scholar level. That just seems ridiculous!

I like the idea of the Scholar and the Tactician Field of Study looks pretty cool. You can get the free trial version of The Scholar Class for free and it includes the Physician and Tactician Fields of Study. You can also purchase the full version that adds the Culinarian, Diplomat, Ritualist, and Theologian Fields of Study for only $2.95 at DMs Guild.

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