The ScreenX Theatrical Experience is Coming to America

ScreenX is a new movie theater format that you can experience and its growth in the US is just starting. ScreenX comes from a Korean organization known as CJ Group and they’re the ones that made 4DX. If you like 4DX, you may really like ScreenX as well. This format is also something that more casual viewers who don’t want their chairs to move or deal with water and fog can try out. Regal Cinemas has teamed with CJ Group to bring ScreenX to American audiences after great success abroad.

The idea behind ScreenX is that you become enveloped more in the film. Instead of one screen, there are now 3. The action will all still take place on the center screen, but images will fill out screens on both walls to really immerse movie goers. For example, you could be watching Avengers: Infinity War and during the fight in the Wakandan forests, the side walls would show images of trees to add to the picture while you see Steve Rogers kicking butt in the center.

I don’t know that I’d enjoy it, but I know plenty of people who will love this idea. If you love this idea and 4DX, there are reports of the two merging.

Source: ComingSoon

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