The Sequel To HALLOWEEN is Reportedly Already in Development

If this upcoming Halloween film ends up being the big hit that it’s shaping up to be, Blumhouse is getting to jump into production on a sequel as soon as they can. According to Bloody-Disgusting, they have already started work on the next Halloween movie.

This comes with some disappointing news, though. Apparently writer Danny McBride and David Gordon Green will probably not be involved. They say that an unknown writer is currently working on the script. I would have liked to see McBride and Green work on the sequel because I love what I’ve seen from this new film, but hopefully Blumhouse brings on a talented team to replace them,

The report goes on to speculate that if the “producers can get ahead of this massive hit, it’s entirely possible for Michael Myers to return to the big screen as early as October 2019.”

I have no idea how this new Halloween film will play out and how it will set up a sequel, but I can’t wait to see! If we do get a sequel, I hope that they figure out a way to keep it fresh give fans a good story.

I would hate to see a sequel rushed into theaters for for a quick cash grab.

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