THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS Stage Play Gets First Poster Showing Us the Live-Action Characters

I find it hilarious when anime are turned into stage plays. It just sounds weird to me. That being said, I would love to see them. Unfortunately, I think they tend to stay in Japan and I’m too poor to travel there.

One of my recent favorites, The Seven Deadly Sins, is the latest anime that I’m aware of that has decided to do a stage play for the anime and while I have a lot of questions (how are they going to make Diane the Giant, well, a giant?), we’ve gotten our first look at the stars via a poster and they look great!

Whoever was in charge of costuming for the show is incredible. The play will premiere in August and shows are being planned for Osaka and Tokyo. There is still no word on what the story of the play will be, neither is there any word if the other two sins, Merlin and Escanor, will make an appearance or not.

Based on the cast list below, my guess would be that it will tell part of the first season of the anime. What cartoons should we turn into plays here in the West?

Here's the cast list: Takeru Naya as Meliodas, Minami Umezawa as Elizabeth, Shōtarō Arisawa as Ban, Kasumi Hasegawa as Diane, Naoki Saitou as King, Ryō Kitamura as Gowther, Bishin Kawasumi as Howzer, Yūki Nomura as Griamore, Moka Kodama as Jericho, Junki Narasaka as Slader, Akira Kubodera as Helbram, Asami Tano as Guila, Teruma as Hendrickson, and Tetsuji Sakakibara as Gilthunder.

Source: ComicBook

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