THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS to End in Roughly One Year

Fans of The Seven Deadly Sins may be sad to hear that the creator is planning to end the series in about a year. In an article with Da Vinci magazine, series creator Nakaba Suzuki said that he plans to end the series after 40 volumes. This means we’re in the home stretch as volume 32 was released in June and volume 33 is set to release this month. The article also mentions that Suzuki believes the ending will be worthy of a shonen. I’m sad that it seems to be coming to end in the not too distant future, but the thing that makes me not go crazy is that Suzuki revealed that he’s had the ending planned since he started the manga. I think that is one of the key components to a great story. Whether it be comics, manga, TV series, etc. I think everyone should be required to know exactly how it will end before they’re allowed to start.

Is it time for the series to conclude, or do you wish it was continuing?

Source: ANN

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