THE SIMPSONS Close To Being Renewed For Two More Seasons, But How Will Disney Handle The Series?

Remember that time in 1998 when The Simpsons predicted that Fox would be purchased by Disney? Well, that is happening and fans have been wondering what the fate of The Simpsons would be when it does.

According to Variety, the series is said to be close to securing a deal that will extend its run for two more seasons. That would bring it to a total of 32 seasons! When the current season comes to an end, The Simpsons will have pumped out an incredible 663 episodes since it debuted in 1989.

I’ve had The Simpson’s in my life since I was 11 years old! I was raised on this show, my kids were raised on this show! It will be so strange and sad when it eventually comes to an end. I just hope that end isn’t anytime soon. I still enjoy watching it!

With the series continuing under the Disney banner, it’s hard not to wonder how they will handle the series. The Simpsons does deal with some controversial subject matter and they like to push its boundaries at times. I hope that they just leave the creative team alone and let them just do what they do, but there’s always the chance that Disney will give them a list of things that are off limits to joke about. We’ll just have to wait and see how this all plays out.

In the end, I’m happy that we will most likely end up with two more seasons to enjoy! What are your thoughts on all this?

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