THE SIMPSONS Did a Live Segment on Sunday and It Was Awesome and Awful at the Same Time

In case you don't keep up with the current run of The Simpsons, the animation team had another "first" on Sunday's episode. Using limited animation and lip synching software, Homer Simpson took live calls in the first live animated segment on television. It happened during the show's final three minutes, and it was as awesome as it was awful.

It was awful in the sense the animation is a bit choppy, and you're listening to a very unpolished Dan Castellaneta answering questions on the fly. With live questions, there's no real time to appropriately "Homerize" his voice as much as he would during an episode, and while he still sounds like Homer, it sounds like Homer without any emotion behind his voice.

Even with all that, it was an incredibly awesome idea, and the jokes they peppered in there were pretty entertaining! See the segment below.

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