THE SIMPSONS Hilariously Ends Its 29th Season with a Parody of SIX-FEET UNDER's Heartbreaking Ending

The Simpsons concluded its 29th season with a fantastically amusing ending that parody's the heartbreaking ending of HBO's Six Feet Under. That drama features one of my favorite endings of all time from any TV show. I absolutely loved it and it was hilarious to see The Simpsons pay tribute to it in their finale. It was easily one of the best things to come out of Season 29.

Six Feet Under's final scene involved a beautiful and heart-stomping death montage which showed the audience how all of the main characters would end up dying over the years. The Simpsons did the same thing, set to the same song, Sia's "Breathe Me", showing how all of the characters from The Simpsons would eventually meet their demise. 

So, if you want a glimpse into the future to see how all of the Simpsons characters end up dying, watch the video below!

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