THE SIMPSONS Showrunner Has The Perfect Idea For How The Series Should End

The Simpsons is coming up on its 30th season! This show has been around for thirty freakin' years! I can't believe that I grew up on this show and that it's still around for my own kids to enjoy. I'm not complaining! It's still a great and entertaining series! A series that will, one day, have to come to an end. When it does, showrunner Al Jean has a great idea for how the show should end. This is is pitch:

"I thought the final episode could end with them going to the Christmas pageant they went to in the first episode, so the whole series is one loop without a beginning or an end. But now that I’ve said it, it won’t happen. Thank you." 

That is kind of a perfect way to wrap up the series, but like he said, now that he said it, it probably won't happen. It's going to be interesting to see what the last episode of the series will bring us, but whatever it is... it better be good! After over thirty years on the air, the ending has to be something spectacular. 

How would you like to see The Simpsons come to an end?

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