The Snailvengers Assemble in These Adorable Crochet Designs


Marvel and snail fans rejoice, you can now crochet your favorite Avenger as a snail. You can pick up the instructions for your favorite Avenger from Fallen Designs Etsy store. Unfortunately, you only have access to the characters from the first Avengers film including Snail Fury, Coulsnail, Iron Snailman, The Incredisnail Hulk, Captain Snailmerica, Thor Odinsnail, Loki Laufsnail, Snail Widow, and Hawksnail.

I’m not a huge fan of snails, but these are kinda precious. The patterns run from $5 each, or there are a few bundle options as well. If you’re more of a DC fan, they do have a couple of snails for you including Green Lantern, Batman, and Flash. Snailvengers, assemble!

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