The SUSPIRIA Remake Will Be Completely Different From The Original and The Director Says it's a "Very Personal Film"


Dario Argento's 1977 horror film Suspiria is one hell of a psychedelic horror masterpiece. That movie was a crazy wild ride! It's a one of a kind film that will never be able to be replicated. The director of the remake, Luca Guadagnino, knows this, which is why he's going to do something completely different with it. He's not looking to compete with the original film, he's just looking to give it a new flavor. 

The movie has a fantastic cast that includes Dakota JohnsonChloë Grace MoretzMia Goth, Tilda Swinton and Jessica Harper. Even though there's really no point in remaking this movie, it seems like it's in good hands and it will be interesting to see how it turns out. 

Tilda Swinton previously talked to Allocine about the movie explaining that it's going to be completely different from the original, saying:

“It’s impossible to remake [Dario Argento’s] film. But if I accepted, it’s because it will be a completely different movie! It’s inspired by the same story, but it goes in different directions, it explores other reasons. It’s semantics, of course, but I think people really have to understand that this is not a remake, because the word “remake” gives the impression that we want to erase the original, and the opposite is what we try to do.”

I understand what she is trying to say, and I really do hope that this new Suspiria movie gives fans of the original something new and insane to enjoy. The original film centered on a young girl who arrives in Freiburg, Germany to attend a renowned ballet academy, only to discover that it's a front for a powerful coven of witches. How will this movie be different? We'll just have to wait and see.

In a separate interview with Criterion, Guadagnino talks about his vision for the film and explains that it's a very personal film to him: 

“I have three months until I finish it. It’s a very special film, and I’m proud of it. I wonder all the time how people will react to it, being that it is based on a masterpiece. I often find myself in the position of saying 'Oh, it’s ridiculous!' when I hear stories that they want to remake a movie like 8½, so I don’t know if I’m going to be served the same dish. But I can say that my Suspiria is a very personal film; it’s like oxygen to me. When I saw the original movie thirty-two years ago, the emotion I felt was so strong, so mind-blowing, and so important to my upbringing. I wanted to investigate the experience I had watching that film.”

With Suspiria expected to open up sometime next year, I imagine we'll see a trailer sometime in the near future. I can't wait to see the first footage of this movie to see what exactly they mean when they say it's going to be completely different. I hope that they can deliver a great movie that captures the haunting and trippy spirit of the original. 

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