The Thing from the FANTASTIC FOUR Reboot Revealed?

Apparently the above photo is from the set of Josh Trank's Fantastic Four reboot. The photos leaked out from Justified Films, but the tweet with the photo has since been taken down. This is definitely a pretty cool design, but not a final one. I came across the photo at CBM, who says that this is most likely a set sculpt that visual effects crews use for lighting references when they go back and insert the finally character in the movie digitally. 

I thought for sure Fox would show something off from this movie during their panel at Comic-Con, but unfortunately they didn't. We have this to tide us over until something official is released, though. There's no confirmation that this is actually from the movie but it came with the following hashtags:

#leaked #FantasticFour #Marvel #MarvelSDCC #SDCC2014 #thething

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