The Trailer for The 30th Anniversary of THE PRINCESS BRIDE is Just as Bad as The Original Trailer

When The Princess Bride was first released in theaters in 1987 it didn't really do too well, and that's probably because the marketing for the movie was so bad. The original trailer they released was so awkwardly cut together complete with its weird 80s elevator music. 

It wasn't until after the movie was released on VHS that it exploded and became the cult classic that it is. I haven't met anyone yet that hasn't liked The Princess Bride. It's packed with everything that makes a great movie! 

There's a 30th anniversary screening coming up later this month and a new trailer was released. You'd think that a modern day updated trailer would turn out a lot better than the original trailer! But, no. This new trailer is just as bad. After all these years, people still can't cut a decent trailer for this movie!

Fathom Events is behind the re-release and it will hit theaters in the US on Sunday, October 15th and Wednesday, October 18th, and the film will also get a special re-release event in the UK.

This is definitely a movie event I want to take my kids to regardless of the trailers.

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