The True Origin of the Xenomorphs Has Been Revealed in ALIEN: COVENANT

It turns out one of my theories about Alien: Covenant and the creation of the Xenomorphs was actually right! We now know the true origin of the Xenomorphs thanks to some footage from the film that was screened over the weekend at SXSW. If you don’t want to know the details about the origin of this deadly breed of aliens, I suggest you don’t read ahead.

The news comes from The Verge, who saw the 20 minutes of footage that was screened. One of the scenes featured Michael Fassbender's android character from Prometheus, David, who, after landing on the planet, begins experimenting with the aliens and through those experimentations, the Xenomorphs are born. The site offers the following details:

In the final preview scene, Michael Fassbender’s android David (he’s definitely the same character from Prometheus in this scene, as he’s called David by name) walks Billy Crudup’s character through his personal workshop of biological terrors. He shows off different mutations of the creatures, explaining that he has been trying to understand the aliens that were discovered in Prometheus, going so far as to genetically engineer new versions — a process that’s been waiting for one final puzzle piece to complete.
That’s when David takes him into a small chamber filled with four eggs that look identical to the ones seen in the original Alien. The final puzzle piece, David says, is “mother” — a waiting host — and Crudup’s character is lined up for the honor. The dots are easy to connect: the alien as audiences saw it in 1979 wasn’t the result of evolution or natural selection. Instead, it was the result of an android intentionally breeding the most dangerous, lethal creature possible.We have already seen parts of this sequence in the trailers that have been released. I love the fact that the xenomorphs were never a part of evolution, they were full-on genetically engineered species of death by a curious android looking to push the boundaries of nature and life. 

The report goes on to state that the Alien franchise suddenly becomes “a story about humanity sowing the seeds of its own demise, through a relentless pursuit of technology and artificial intelligence.”

I actually really like the direction that Scott is taking the Alien franchise, and I’m looking forward to seeing where he takes it from here. The director is completely invested in the franchise and recently said he’s ready to make six more films if there’s a audience wanting to watch it. What do you think? Do you like what Scott is doing with the origin of the Xenomorphs?

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