The Unipiper Is Back as Darth Vader, But This Time He's Shoveling Snow

The Unipiper, aka Portland's Brian Kidd, is well-known for his schtick in which he dresses up as a pop culture character, precariously balances on an object (whether it's a ball or a unicycle), and glides around playing flaming bagpipes. He's dressed as Darth Vader twice before — once for The Force Awakens and once for Rogue One — but aside from the general joy he brings to society and the internet at large with his antics, he's added another benefit to his performance: shoveling snow. Granted, he doesn't actually shovel all that much, but I doubt I could do any better in those circumstances. (I also like that he's wearing shorts. It adds to the ridiculousness of the whole scene.)

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