The Upcoming HALLOWEEN Movie Will Ignore Every Sequel in the Franchise


Shortly after it was announced that David Gordon Green and Danny McBride were going to make a new Halloween film, McBride came out and said that their mythology would be "focusing mainly on the first two movies and what that sets up and then where the story can go from there."

That would make sense because those first two films cover a complete story arc. It seems like their plans may have changed, though, in regards to that. During a recent Q&A session with Stereogum, creator and producer John Carpenter says that the new Halloween movie will only acknowledge the first move, which is surprising to hear! He explains:

"[Jamie Lee Curtis] talked to the director. Her part was written into the script and they had this idea -- it's kind of a... I don't know how to describe it. It's almost an alternative reality. It picks up after the first one, and it pretends that none of the other [sequels] were made. It's gonna be fun. There's a really talented director and it was well-written. I'm impressed."

So, John Carpenter is saying now that the new movie picks up after the events of just the first movie. Maybe he's mistaken, maybe he's not! Regardless, it's kind of fascinating a cool that this next Halloween movie won't acknowledge any of the sequels. It certainly will give the film franchise a fresh new start and they don't have to worry about anything else that has taken place in the franchise over the years. 

If you don't remember the final scene of the first Halloween film, you can watch it below. It features Michael Meyers falling from the second story window of Laurie Strode's house after Dr. Loomis shoots him several times. Of course, when Loomis goes to look out the winder Michael is gone. 

If this news is true, it's in line with the previous reports of Michael Meyer's not being a supernatural being. In Halloween II, Michael Meyers was shot in both eyes and set on fire and he lived to kill another day. But cutting that aspect out of the mythology makes it so Meyers can be more human and less supernatural. 

I'm really interested in seeing how this movie turns out. Jamie Lee Curtis will be back to reprise her role of Laurie Strode and Judy Greer has been cast in the role of her daughter, which will make for an interesting dynamic. 

The Halloween sequel will be released in theaters on October 19, 2018.

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