The Voice Of Frieza In DRAGON BALL Z Needs Our Help

Some of you may not know Christopher Ayres by name, but you've probably heard his work. While he's typically known as the voice of villain Frieza in the Dragon Ball Z franchise, Ayres has had a hand in voicing several other anime dubs you likely know and love. Now, he needs our help.

Ayres has been diagnosed with end-stage COPD and requires a double lung transplant in order to survive as well as two additional surgeries. A fundraiser has been started and supported in his name to help for the cost of the medical procedure, which comes out to around $25,000. Many other DBZ actors have shared this cause to help Ayres out, and since we're all big fans here at GeekTyrant, we wanted to join in as well. 

If you'd like to donate to Chris's fund, be sure to go here. Donations have already exceeded $16,000, so it's possible we could reach this fundraising goal before the end of next week if we spread the word! Any little bit helps so do what you can!

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