The Writer and Director of THE SANDLOT is Developing a New Baseball Movie Called JUNIOR AMERICANS

The Sandlot is a favorite movie of mine. I have so many fond memories of watching the film when I was growing up. I'm excited to tell you that the writer and director of that film, David Mickey Evans, is developing another baseball movie! It's called Junior Americans and he describes it as being "The 'next Sandlot' for a new generation." He made the announcement on Twitter with the following image of the cover page for the script he wrote:

I'm excited about this! The movie is based on a true story and he describes that story on his blog, saying:

Based on a true story about the first, last and only time a National American Little League team was coached by kids the same age as the players - 14 year-olds.  Set against the background of American Little League baseball, it’s a story about the power of friendship and the stresses, worries, difficulties and hard decisions that taking your first steps into the grown-up world put on that friendship.

Sounds like a story that will make for a great movie. There's something about baseball movies that I love. I'm not really into watching the sport, but stories that revolve around the sport have made for some amazing films. On top of The Sandlot, I'm a big fan of The Natural, Field of Dreams, and of course, Major League

I really hope that Junior Americans turns out to be another classic baseball movie that everyone can enjoy! Are you excited about seeing a new baseball film from the guy who brought us The Sandlot

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