There is an Absurd Number of Combinations to Create a D&D Character

If you asked me how many possible Dungeons & Dragons characters there were, I would probably say something like 1,000. That’s a decent number. Well, a Reddit user by the name of Synergenesis decided to do the math. In their post, they breakdown how they came to their conclusion (aka showing your work like all of your teachers ask you to do). The final number was 7,020,285,872,418. That’s over 7 trillion possible combinations. To make that even crazier, Synergenesis only used items in the Player’s Handbook. He didn’t include anything from Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, Volo’s Guide to Monsters, or the other cool official supplements. This is a crazy number! This factors in backgrounds, subraces, subclasses, and multi-classing. How many possible combinations did you think there were?

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