There is now a Cereal for Blue-Eyes White Dragon and It's Berry Flavored


Do you have an affinity to dragons? Is the Blue-Eyes White Dragon the core of who you as a duelist are? Is your name Seto Kaiba? You’ll want to check out the new merch from FYE that features the iconic Duel Monster.

Yu-Gi-Oh! has teamed up with FYE to give new shirts, belts, and even a cereal featuring the original strongest monster in the card game. Honestly, I think this is really cool, but the cereal confuses the heck out of me. I’m not surprised there is a cereal, but it’s Berry Blast and looks like some off-brand Trix which is already disgusting, but it doesn’t fit the theme of the Blue-Eyes.

His signature attack is White Lightning, so maybe go with a less colorful cereal. Granted, I don’t know what cereal I would recommend for Blue-Eyes (although I would recommend making it blue and white instead of multi-colored), but probably not berry flavored ones.

The belt and shirt are now available with the cereal launching on June 14. There’s also supposedly a chocolate bar, but I couldn’t find it on their website. Are you excited to wear and eat the Blue-Eyes White Dragon?

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