There Was an Alternate Ending for THE PREDATOR That Would Have Featured ALIEN's Ellen Ripley

We already heard that there was an alternate ending for Shane Black’s The Predator which involved the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger as Dutch from the original Predator film.

Well, it turns out there was another alternate ending, and it would have been a really interesting and unexpected one. Even more unexpected than Dutch showing up! There was an ending that was shot for the film that would have connected the Predator and Alien film franchises by introducing Ellen Ripley!

The information comes from visual effects artist and puppeteer Yuri Everson, who explains that three endings were shot for The Predator, and one included Ripley, but the character would have been played by a different actress in the role and not Sigourney Weaver.

This is a photo of the costume and props involving the scene that was shot that featured Ripley. There’s also a note from Everson:

Had The Predator actually been a good movie, maybe this would be cool to see, but I’m glad that they didn’t waste this on such a disappointing movie.

Would you have liked to see this ending involving Ellen Ripley used in The Predator?

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