There Were Early Fan Screenings of GLASS and Their Reactions Are More Positive Than Critics Are


Critics have not been very kind to M. Night Shyamalan’s upcoming film Glass. While I loved it, a lot of critics didn’t. I have no idea what they were expecting from this movie, but it’s pure Shyamalan, and he delivered a conclusion to his trilogy that is a natural progression of the story he started with Unbreakable.

It looks like this might be another one of those films that the audiences and fans won’t agree with the critics on. Alamo Drafthouse recently hosted a special event where they screened all three films — UnbreakableSplit, and Glass — for the fans, and their reaction to the film was very different from the critics’ reactions.

Glass got a lot more positive buzz from these screenings! Fans seemed to really enjoy it. So, like I said in my previous post today, don’t let the critics decide what you think about a movie before seeing it. Go see the movie for yourself and make up your own mind! Then let’s talk about the things we liked and didn’t like.

Before we jump into some of the fan reactions, here’s what Shyamalan had to say:

Now, here’s what some of the fans at these early screenings had to say about the film:

I also wanted to add these tweets from a colleague that loved the film just as much as I did:

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