There's a Crazy Rumor Surrounding Who Matt Smith is Playing in STAR WARS: EPISODE IX

Are you ready for a crazy Star Wars: Episode IX rumor? I won’t lie, I kind of enjoy the weird and wild Star Wars rumors that pop up online.

One of the most recent absurd ones that has been making the rounds involves who Matt Smith might be playing in the film. This is seriously just a big fat rumor, but just in case you’re avoiding rumors as a way to avoid possible spoilers:

During a recent episode of The Weekly Planet Podcast it’s reported that an inside source told them that Smith will be playing a young incarnation of Emperor Sheev Palpatine in Episode IX.

I personally don’t buy it, but it does make for an interesting fan theory. It would certainly be a little nuts if this rumor did turn out to be true. I guess anything is possible in the Star Wars universe.

Do you think there could be truth to this rumor? What do you think about the idea of Smith playing a young incarnation of Emperor Palpatine?

I know some people wonder why I post rumors like this and it’s because I think they are just fun to talk about and discuss.

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