There's a DRACULA Prequel Film Coming From Bram Stoker's Great Grand Nephew and The Director of IT

Paramount Pictures has picked up the rights to a new Dracula prequel film project called Dracul. The script for the film is being co-written by Bram Stoker's great grand nephew Dacre Stoker and J.D. Barker. The film is being set up as a directing project for It director Andy Muschietti.

According to Deadline, the story is set in 1868, "where a 21-year old Bram Stoker meets with an ungodly evil that he traps in an ancient tower all the while scribbling the events that led him there."

That "ungodly evil" is most likely a vampire. With Dacre Stoker being involved with the project, this will be the first Dracula prequel story fully authorized by Bram Stoker’s estate. This isn't the first time he's played around with his vampire heritage. In 2009 he co-wrote a novel called Dracula: The Un-Dead, and in 2011 he directed a documentary called Dracula Meets Stoker.

As for Muschietti coming on board to direct, he's got a few projects in the pipeline already such as the sequel to It, which he says will be his next movie and Robotech. If he actually signs on to direct this Dracul film, it will probably be a few years before he gets around to making it. He's a great director choice, though!

I've been fascinated with Dracula ever since I was a kid and it will be cool to see how this project turns out. I like the basic concept and it'll be fun to see where they end up taking the story.

Source: Deadline

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