There's a GORILLAZ Animated TV Series in the Works

Gorillaz is a great band with a lot of hits, but even more, they are well known for the stories that lie behind the personas of the band members. All of their music videos star the band members as animated characters who they represent. Each character has a fictional backstory and even have appeared in live concerts on a projection screen. So it was only a matter of time before they got their own animated TV series.

What? Was I the only one expecting that? Well, it's happening. In a recent interview with Q Magazine, Jamie Hewlett, who is a comic artist and co-creator of the Gorillaz series, month and confirmed that there would be a 10-episode animated series based on the band.

I think it's exciting. I've always enjoyed the Gorillaz's personas and have wanted to know more about them. This will give us a great opportunity to do just that. Plus I love mixing great music with animated shows. The band is currently dropping it's new record "Humanz" in a few weeks. There's no word yet on when the animated show will be released. Check back for more info.

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