There’s a Lot More Batman in SUICIDE SQUAD Than We Think

We already know that Batman will appear in David Ayer’s Suicide Squad, In the early trailers we saw him riding on top of The Joker’s car, and the most recent trailer featured even more of him. Since it was revealed that Batman would be in the movie, I’ve been wondering how much screen time he would have. I assumed it wouldn’t be that much because the focus is on so many other characters, but it turns out that the Dark Knight might have more of a presence in the film than we think. In a recent episode of Heroic Insider, hosts Umberto Gonzalez and Daniel Alter talk about what they learned from sources who have attended test screenings for the film:

"The film tested recently, they had test screenings, and according to sources, check this out, there is a lot more Batman in the movie than they are letting on."

I was hoping that this would be the case! It’s exciting to think that we’ll see Batman facing off with Amanda Waller and the other villains who make up Task Force X. There was actually a rumor that surfaced last year regarding a scene that could be in the film in which Batman pays a visit to Waller to deliver a stern warning about setting these villains loose on a mission. You can read about that here.

I absolutely love Ben Affleck’s version of Batman, and it’s cool to hear that he might actually have a decent sized part to play in the Suicide Squad story. can't wait to see it!

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