There's a New XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS Comic Series in Development

If you’re a fan of Xena: Warrior Princess and you’re looking for new stories to enjoy with the character, Dynamite has announced a new comic book series!

The new story will return to Ancient Greece, and this is the description that was shared:

"Take up your swords and chakrams to follow the newest adventures of the cult classic TV phenomenon and her trusted companion Gabrielle. As they will first have to investigate a mysterious village where children are miraculously strong. Could the infamously petty Greek Gods be involved, and if not how long before they stick their meddlesome hands in?

Xena: Warrior Princess is written by Vita Ayala (Black PantherShuriWonder WomanThe Wilds), with art by newcomer Olympia Sweetman, colors by Rebecca Nalty (WWESparrowhawk), and letters by Ariana Maher (James Bond 007Nancy Drew).

Editor Nate Cosby describes the series as, “Bounding adventures! Amazing episodes that build to a huge overall story! Every action sequence motivated by strong characters and deep emotion! Did you dig the Xena television series? You will ADORE what Vita, Olympia, Rebecca and Ariana are cooking up with this series. And if you don’t know what Xena’s about? This is the perfect place to start!”

Ayala added, “I am INCREDIBLY excited to be working on Xena! She is my favorite character of all time, and to be able to work on any project involving her is an honor. The team has a lot of fun things in store for readers, including some old frenemies and travel to places that even XENA has never seen before!”

Sweetman went on to say, “I am tremendously enjoying working on Xena, and feel fortunate and lucky to be drawing such an iconic and interesting character. To me, one of the most exciting aspects of drawing this book is having the opportunity to depict the vivid and interesting world of Xena, including the scoundrels, gods and allies. This is my first major comics job, and I am putting my all into this book!"

Back in 2017 there was talk of a TV series revival, but it never got off the ground, which is a shame. But, hey! Fans will have a new comic book to read! Sure it’s not a TV series, but at least it’s something to enjoy!

Xena: Warrior Princess #1 goes on sale in April.

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