There's Another "Big Transformers" Movie Being Planned and an Optimus Prime Film Is a Possibility

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Director Travis Knight did an incredible job with bringing the story of Bumblebee to life on the big screen. It’s easily the best live-action Transformers movie that has been made, and it reinvigorated my excitement for the future of the franchise.

Now that we finally have a great Transformers movie, I hope the the studio and the producing team stay on the right path. If they go back to producing more of that Michael Bay crap, I’m going to be super freakin’ disappointed.

We now have an idea of what the future of the Transformers franchise holds thanks to producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura. During an interview with  CinePop, he was asked what was in store for the franchise and if it involved a film that revolves around Optimus Prime, and this was his response:

“We hope so. Optimus Prime is a tricky one, because he’s so wise and smart, that it’s hard to decide how you can create an emotional story."

If they are really having a hard time trying to figure out a story for Optimus Prime, they really need to get a new creative team to help them out. There are so many stories to tell that involve Optimus Prime! When the producer of a franchise says they are having a hard time coming up with a story for a character like this, I just can’t help but shake my head in shame.

The producer went on to tease a separate movie that is in development:

"Yeah, we’re also going to do a big Transformers movie as well."

A “big Transformers” movie… I’ll be honest. Hearing that kinda worries me because we’ve seen so many bad “big Transformers” movies! Just give us great stories! I don’t care if it’s a big or small Transformers movie, just tell a great story! That’s all I want.

Hopefully the studio takes what they learned from developing Bumblebee and implement those lessons in the future films of the franchise. Di Bonaventura went on to say:

“I think we’ve learned something in this movie about tone that I would think the next big Transformers movie is going to have. It’s not like we’re going to copy it but we’ve learned something. There’s more freedom than I think we originally thought in terms of what we can do.”

So, do you think they will continue to make great Transformers movies or do you think they’ll screw it up again?

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