These Cool New Interactive Harry Potter Wands Allow You To Play Wizard Laser Tag

I can't see how a person can't read the Harry Potter books and watch the movies and not want a magic wand of their own. I'm sure many of you do have Harry Potter wands because it's not like they aren't available. 

But now, thanks to JAKKS Pacific, you can get yourself an interactive Wizard Training Wand that allows you to cast spells. No, not spells that actually work. You can learn to master 11 different spells by practicing unique gestures and motions. All of the spells are kid-friendly, so you won't be learning how to do the Avada Kedavra spell, which is the killing curse.

There is a motion sensor inside of the wands that makes this all possible. It tracks the movements of the hands and arms of the user as they learn how to master the spells throughout five different modes of play.

The five modes of play include a course to learn all of the spells and the additional four include four different ways to challenge other wizards. Those include Spell Practice in which two players race to properly cast a spell the fastest. Then there's Dumbledore’s Army which is a wizard-style game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Then, of course, there's Wizard Tag which is like laser tag and you are trying to beat your opponent by casting spells, which slowly decreases the power levels of the opponent's wand.

The Wizard Training wands assortment includes Harry Potter’s wand, Albus Dumbledore’s wand, and Lord Voldemort’s wand. Each of them includes sound effects and LED lights that let you know what spells you are casting. Each of them are sold separately for $24.99. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, each wand is sold in a blind mystery box allowing the wand to choose its wizard!

I know what I'm getting the kids for Christmas this year!

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