These Fan-Made AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Posters Make Up For the Lack of Hawkeye in the Film's Marketing

As you know, Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye isn't getting any love in the marketing for Avengers: Infinity War. He's nowhere to be seen in any of the trailers or posters that have been released. Fans are starting to wonder if the character is even going to be in the movie!

Chances are that Hawkeye is being "ignored" by Marvel Studios for a good reason; personally, I think that he has a very minor role in the Infinity War story and that he will have a larger role in Avengers 4

We now we have some fan-made posters that are oversaturated with Hawkeye! Hawkeye is getting all the love he can possibly get in these posters! So if you're a fan of Hawkeye that wants to see the character get the love that he deserves, here ya go!


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