These Fan-Made Posters for AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Are Great

We’ve seen some fantastic promotional art from Marvel for the upcoming film Avengers: Infinity War. However, all of the official posters have been big ensembles and not featuring individual heroes or small groups. For anyone wanting these more personalized posters, I present to you the work of alastor_c.

These posters feature one hero in the forefront and two in the background. I do find it interesting that he has not used updated looks for everyone though. He’s using the updated Iron Man suit and he’s given Captain America the beard, but there’s no Iron Spider costume, Black Widow has a different costume and longer hair than the official art, and Bucky’s arm seems to be his old silver one instead of his fancy new Wakandan arm.

I do really like the tagline he’s using though “Reassemble” and Marvel should maybe consider using a similar one in future promos. Even though there seem to be differences between this and the official art, these are still extremely well done and I would love a copy of the Iron Man one for my apartment.

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