These International STAR WARS: ROGUE ONE Posters Are Terrible, Fans Deserve Better

A couple new international posters have surfaced for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. I've seen a bunch of sites post them saying how awesome and great they are. These are official posters for Japan (above) and South Korean (below) that were tweeted by the official Star Wars Twitter account, but to me, they look like cheap-ass photoshop jobs. 

Look, I'm insanely excited for this movie! I'm more excited for it than I was for The Force Awakens, but I'm not going to let that excitement blind me to bad marketing and poorly designed posters. They basically took images we're already very familiar with and awkwardly threw them together, and they do nothing to evoke any kind of excitement.

Why aren't they doing anything fun with these?! Posters are supposed to be exciting and energetic. I hate to say that these are just boring and plain. I remember the days when all the Star Wars posters that were released domestically and internationally actually packed a punch. I included some of the older Japanese and South Korea posters that were released for the original trilogy back in the day below.

Why can't fans around the world get cool posters with some actual effort put into developing them? Come on! This is Star Wars! There's a legacy of awesomeness that comes with this franchise. Let's ramp things up and get fans even more pumped for the movie by creating badass posters that we'd want to frame and hang on our walls because that what the fans want. 

Via: io9

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