These Unofficial Supplements Bring Old Spells into D&D 5th Edition

If you’re a longtime veteran of Dungeons & Dragons, you may have noticed that many spells from previous editions of the game didn’t make their way to fifth edition. If you miss some of these spells, you’ll want to check out R P DavisEncyclopaedia Formulae Arcana.

So far, Davis has released two volumes: A and B (Bryan Holmes helped with B). These unofficial supplements are taking all the spells from previous editions and bringing them to the latest version of D&D. T

here are some spells that don’t make the cut, but those seem to be very few and far between. Be sure to keep an eye open on DMs Guild for future volumes.

Both volumes are available at DMs Guild with A costing $5.95 and B costing $6.95.

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