Things from the POKEMON Anime I Want to See Come to New POKEMON Games

Pokémon games continue to add new features, and they seem to take quite a bit of influence from the anime. For instance, the latest mechanic introduced is Dynamax, which makes your Pokémon giant. Fans were quick to see a connection between this and a couple of episodes from the first season. As I’ve been watching the Pokémon anime with my kid, it’s shown that there are a couple of things that I think could be cool to incorporate into future games or as an update for Shield and Sword. What are some mechanics you’d love to see based on the anime?

Mini Game Challenges for the Story

This idea comes from the Orange Island episodes of the anime. During those 36 episodes, Ash has to compete in Gym battles for badges, but the challenges aren’t simple straightforward battles like fans are used to. For instance, at the first gym, Ash has to freeze a geyser, turn it into a sled, and then race the sled. I’d love to have more mini game-esque challenges incorporated into the actual story of the game like this. You wouldn’t want to do this for all the gyms, but occasionally having something like this could really shake things up. Or maybe you don’t have it in the gyms, but in some other part.

Pokémon Fusions

This comes from the episode “The Ghost of Maiden’s Peak.” A Ghastly creates the illusions of a Blastoise and a Venusaur and then combines them into Venustoise. This could be a really cool idea. Take two of your favorite Pokémon and combine them. I know this will probably never happen as it would require a ridiculous amount of time since there are over 800 Pokémon. That would be over 319,600 combinations possible. Heck, even with the original 150 there would be 11,175 possible combinations. This doesn’t change how I’d love to see this happen for some reason. I know I’m not alone though as there are sites like Japeal or alexonsager.

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