Things I Want From The POWER RANGERS Sequel

We recently learned that Hasbro plans on making a sequel to the 2017 Power Rangers film instead of rebooting the franchise again. I found this announcement to be bittersweet as I quite enjoyed the actors for the main 5 characters and I liked the direction I felt things were going with the characters and lore. However, I hated the design of pretty much everything. Goldar was the biggest disgrace, but the Ranger suits and Zords were pretty bad, too. Plus, I just didn’t like Elizabeth Banks’ Rita. I thought it was an interesting choice to make her the old Green Ranger, but I didn’t like the kind of crazy that Banks’ Rita was. So, what do I want Hasbro to do with the sequel?

First, they have to introduce Tommy and by the end of the movie, he has to become the Green Ranger. Now, I think (and I’m sure many are in agreement) that a spin on the Green with Evil arc would be perfect. Rita has manipulated Tommy, trusted him with her old Power Coin, and put him under a spell, so he would be a willing servant of evil. However, by the end of the film, the Power Rangers will break the spell and he’ll join them. I’ve heard of other great ways though to utilize Tommy though, so I won’t be picky. Also, as a side note, I know people are going to debate whether Tommy should be a boy or a girl in the movie. My two cents are that Tommy should be a boy simply because they didn’t mess with the gender of any of the other Rangers. That being said, I won’t be totally upset if they make Tommy a girl.

Second, redesign almost everything about the Rangers. You could make minor tweaks to the suits, so they feel a bit less Iron Man, and become a bit more familiar to fans. Stay with the armored look instead of spandex though (I loved the way they did the armored suits for the first Power Rangers movie). Also, make the Zords look better. At the end of the day, some of the Zords could use minor tweaking and they’d be great like the Sabertooth Tiger. Others, like the Mastodon, need a bigger overhaul in my opinion so that they actually look like the dinosaur they’re based on. Hasbro, if you ignore the first two redesign requests, please don’t ignore this one. FIX GOLDAR! Making him mindless melted gold was the biggest sin of the 2017 film. Goldar is supposed to be very formidable and one of Rita’s generals. Make him fierce and make him more than just poor CGI gold liquid that looks like poop.

Third, we need more Ranger stuff. Give us more (and better) action scenes where the Rangers are morphed! On top of just adding action scenes though, there are some things that can be played out from here. Are the Rangers constantly fighting monsters on a daily basis like the show? How does that affect their lives? What are they going to do when they graduate? Has all been quiet since the first film? If so, what have they been doing and are they still friends? Do the people of Angel Grove still see the Rangers as saviors and heroes, or a blight that destroys half the town any time a monster shows up? These are great questions that focus on the Ranger aspect and could provide great storylines. Another Ranger aspect I’d love is to explore the lore more. The first film began to establish some interesting things such as Zordon and Rita being Rangers once upon a time. Give us more about where these powers come from and what they can do! Plus, the lore could lead to helping explain the changes to the suits and Zords. Maybe the Zeo crystal changes those things.


Finally, the villains. As I mentioned earlier, I did not like Banks as Rita. I just didn’t like how the character was written, portrayed, and designed. However, maybe they can fix that in a sequel. They can also have her scheming how to get back at the Rangers and maybe that’s when she starts recruiting monsters like a smart and fearsome Goldar. Of course, a lot of my friends are wanting to see Lord Zedd and I don’t blame them. He was great in the show. I would personally like to see Rita become a better villain before introducing a new one. That being said, maybe Hasbro brings Zedd in and he’s what helps Rita become a better villain. If done well, Zedd would be a great addition, but I’m too worried that he would be a disappointment.

There are some of the things I’d like addressed in the Power Rangers sequel. What do you want to see in the sequel?

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