Third STAR WARS Solo Film Based on X-Wing Fighters?

Earlier this month Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed that three standalone Star Wars films are in development. He didn't mention what any of them were, but there has been speculation that they could feature Yoda, Boba Fett, and Han Solo. There has been a very interesting update on this news and what the three standalone movies could be. It's pretty exciting stuff if true.

A German website, Star Wars Union, recently attended a Hasbro event where they talked about the future of their products. Hasbro is the maker of the Star Wars toys, and they released some really interesting information at the event. According to the site they revealed the Star Wars movie release schedule for the rest of the decade! 

If the information is accurate, it confirms that the first two spin-off movies are for Boba Fett and Han Solo. It also reveals that the third spin-off movie could be about the Red Squadron X-Wing fighters. 

Other Star Wars websites such as Jedi News and Making of Star Wars ran the news, but they were asked to take down the information. This tells me that there could be some truth to all of this. If so… AWESOME! Of course, we will treat it all as a rumor for now, but it's hard not to feel excited about it.

Here’s the release date breakdown that was apparently revealed by Hasbro:

2014: Rebels
2015: Episode VII
2016: Boba Fett
2017: Episode VIII
2018: Solo
2019: Episode IX
2020: Red Five

Just in case you forgot, Red Five was Luke Skywalker's call sign in A New Hope, but he's not the only member of the Red team to have that call sign. As explained on Wookieepedia, "Red Five was the call sign of the fifth member of Red Squadron. There were a number of starfighter squadrons with this name, and several beings went by the name Red Five." So the movie could be about anyone. I assume if this movie happens it will end up following a group of X-Wing fighters on a mission. There's always a chance that "Red Five" could just be a filler name for a movie they haven't decided on yet.

As for the first name on the list, Rebels, it refers to the new animated series that will be released later this year. So Red Five could also be another TV series being developed. 

Whether it's true or not, a story idea revolving around an X-Wing squadron would be insanely cool to see brought to the screen. I'm so stoked about seeing how this news pans out. I want it to be true so badly.

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