This $128K Minimalist STAR WARS Chess Set Looks Pretty Dumb To Be Honest

You would imagine dropping $128k on a Star Wars themed chess set would get you a pretty sweet setup right? Wrong. You get this:

So take a good hard look at that and then have your mind blown when I tell you those are all minimalist versions of iconic Star Wars characters. It's a little easier to spot on the farthest end as Chewbacca's belt stands out as well as Luke's hair part...or is that Han? That's not a question I should be asking for $128k. Here's the full description for the product via Geekologie:

The round chess board is made of black obsidian with a polished and matte finish and the Empire and Rebellion pieces are rendition of iconic characters including Darth Vader, Princess Leia, Han Solo and Chewbacca. The gold design elements on each piece evoke the signature looks of the characters to bring the universe to life.

The Empire pieces are made out of nephrite jade from British Columbia while the Rebellion pieces are crafted in natural rock crystal quartz. Each of the pieces is hand-carved and engraved with extreme attention to detail. The metal gold-plated rim of the checker board resembles the Death Star's exterior design. In addition to that, the drawer pulls on the board feature the symbols of the two sides.

It's a hard pass for me as I'd rather spent money like that on actually developing a holographic chess board. What kind of chess set could you build with this money? 


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