This '90s BURGER KING TOY STORY Commercial Shows How Much Kids Get Screwed With Toys Today

Remember when Kid's Meals were something other than smaller portion sizes? Sure, kids today still get a toy with their Happy Meal, but they're getting screwed compared to the stuff we got in the '90s. Case and point, remember when Burger King gave out actual size Buzz Lightyear and Woody dolls?! Take a look:

That Woody doll is still somewhere in my family's possession having been handed on down the line. He doesn't talk anymore, but you can put your fingers in his pockets and pretend like he's walking so that's pretty cool! Also, did you catch that BK was only charging an additional $2.50 for the toy?! Can you imagine getting anything close to that quality anymore for less than $15?! Kids are getting screwed today! Then again, they have smart phones and apps, so maybe they're okay with it. 

Seriously, there used to be a time when movie promotion and fast food went hand in hand. Does anyone else remember those puppets they gave out for Casper? Can anyone else thing of some other promotions that were cool? 

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